American Beauty Cake Flour

bot-mi-american-beautyAmerican Beauty Cake Flour made by Ardent Mills is the best and the right type of cake flour to use for many different types of cake to turn out soft and moist.

Sponge cake
Birthday cake
Butter cake
Egg custard crust
Asian steam buns

In America, every household has a good oven. Powerful and efficient Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers are sold everywhere in the US. This country provides the best baking tools for everyone who loves to bake, but the supermarkets do not have any the right type of cake flour for those cakes.

At the moment, American Beauty Cake Flour is only sold wholesale. I hope that in the near future Ardent Mills will sell 5-10-lbs bags at all the supermarkets so everybody can buy.

” No matter how good and excellent recipes are, you still need the right type of cake flour”

If anyone wants to stop by at Fortune Restaurant to have dim sum and support to buy my Asian Pastries & Dim Sum cook book, you will have a 2 lbs American beauty Cake Flour to take home.

Fortune Restaurant
6249 Arlington Blvd
Falls Church, VA 22044

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I am Thai Lam and I have been a Dim Sum Chef for 26 years at various famous Chinese restaurants from Chicago to Los Angeles and Washington D.C. I specialize in Hong Kong style Dim Sum and have held cooking seminars for more than two years.

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